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Featured Projects

Construction of the gravitational drinking water supply systems Gravitational drinking water supply systems for communities in andean region of Peru
Published: 09/21/2011

In august 2011 the company SINDLAR PERÚ S.A.C. finished the project of the improvement and the extension of the drinking water supply system for the rural communities in the Huánuco Region, Peru. The drinking water absence caused suffering of the people who were forced to use the contaminated ...

Nature like flood control measures in the mountain and submontane river basins
Published: 09/11/2011

In September and October 2011 the work team of SINDLAR finalizes the elaboration of the methodology for the applicants in the area of nature like flood control measures in the mountain and submontane river basins. The document is being elaborated for the needs of the Ministry of the Environment of ...

Project “Restoration of mill canal in Chrudim” gets international award in Chicago 2010
Published: 11/26/2010

In the years 1997 - 2009 restoration measures were realized in the town Chrudim, on the southern mill canal - approx. length 1000 m. The objective of the project was improvement of ecological and aesthetic function of the canal and its incorporation in the urban architecture of the town.

Completion of polder construction in Rychnov nad Kněžnou
Published: 11/09/2010

Construction of polder “Pod Borkem 2” in the town Rychnov nad Kněžnou was finalized. The company SINDLAR has elaborated the complete design and documentation of this project.

Torrential floods in the mountains Rychlebské
Published: 07/20/2010

Expert team of SINDLAR presented partial documentation for the project “Evaluation of torrential floods in the Czech Republic in 2009 in the mountain and submontane regions”. The project is administered by the Ministry of Environment and the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and is focused ...