Water Resources Engineering Design,
Landscape Ecology and River Restoration
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Water Management Analysis and Planning

Some typical assignments we have carried out:

  • Water management plans, river basin management plans
  • Water management studies of entire or partial regions
  • Construction and calibration of meteorological and limnigraphical stations
  • Water management balances and water resources use
  • Water quality monitoring and developing information systems on contaminants
  • Sediment studies in river basins, sediment removal and optimising erosion control
  • Geomorphological analyses of the condition and development of watercourses
  • Water drainage studies and preventive flood control measures
  • Determining flood zones and mapping flood risks
  • Flood management plans, early warning systems and planning critical scenarios for natural disasters caused by floods
  • Mapping arid regions and risks of desertisation
  • Studies of adaptation to drought or torrential floods (climatic instability)
  • Other projects can be worked out based on a client’s needs