Water Resources Engineering Design,
Landscape Ecology and River Restoration
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About Group

The aim of the SINDLAR Group is to provide the broadest range of services in the field of water management, particularly the link between water management infrastructure and long-term sustainable development and the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity.

Our services are focused on consultation and design preparation including supervision over their construction. An important part of preparing a project is the conceptualisation and analysis of landscape, water management and land usage planning. Our Group is able to work out the most demanding projects for both public and private sector clients and has a long list of completed projects behind it. Recently we have made a greater effort to penetrate new markets and to gain new clients from countries outside the European Union.

All of our Group companies and business representatives, in collaboration with our consortium partners, also offer a comprehensive range of services in the fields of architecture, land use planning, road building, geological and geophysical engineering, hydrogeology and water resources, including processing and interpreting data in geographic information systems.

In addition, the holding Group is active in research, education and publishing activities focused on innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies of water management in the landscape and the management of renewable energy resources.

At present, operations are being developed and built upon, which support our goals particularly in tourism, business and investment construction. 

Hradec Kralove Region financially supported the second update of the book edition Geomorphological processes of watercours development, Part I. Typology of bed forming processes.

In the years 2012 - 2015 the company ŠINDLAR s.r.o. is one of the TAČR grant recipients for the project No. TA02020817 Structure optimization of wooden materials for revitalization and natural water course adjustment.

ŠINDLAR s.r.o. is one of the grant recipients for the project "Innovation of processes to improve competitiveness." The purpose of the grant is further professional training for company employees.