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Exhibition of environmental projects and green technologies, Lima, Peru Exhibition of environmental projects and green technologies in Lima
Published: 11/29/2011

An exhibition focused on the environmental projects and green technologies took place in Lima, Peru in November 24th- 26th 2011. On this occasion a  SINDLAR Group presented its environmental projects, such as: flood control, river restoration projects, landscape architecture projects, etc.

Membership in the consortium EURONET CONSULTING
Published: 10/01/2011

From 1 September has become the EU SINDLAR Ltd., representing SINDLAR group, consortium EURONET CONSULTING.

Living Bečva River - feasibility study
Published: 09/19/2011

Elaboration of the “Concept of ecological management, restoration and spontaneous re-naturalization of Bečva River, river km 0 – 42” started in September 2011.

Sewage system and wastewater treatment plant in Pilníkov
Published: 07/14/2011

The company SINDLAR have won the tender for project and design elaboration - sewage system and wastewater treatment plant in the town Pilníkov.

Flood protection of Moravičany and Loštice
Published: 05/08/2011

Construction of flood protection measures of the towns Moravičany and Loštice is taking place at present. The company SINDLAR has elaborated the design and documentation of this project.

Nature like flood control measures on the Creek Cihlářský
Published: 03/15/2011

Construction of restoration and flood control measures in the town Havlíčkův Brod is continuing. The company SINDLAR has elaborated the design and documentation of this project.

Project “Restoration of mill canal in Chrudim” gets international award in Chicago 2010
Published: 11/26/2010

In the years 1997 - 2009 restoration measures were realized in the town Chrudim, on the southern mill canal - approx. length 1000 m. The objective of the project was improvement of ecological and aesthetic function of the canal and its incorporation in the urban architecture of the town.

Digital flood management plans
Published: 04/15/2010

Since the year 2010 the SINDLAR group has extended its offer for the cities and towns – the new services comprise the elaboration of digital flood management plans, including the installation of early warning systems.

Project “Prkenný Důl” gets regional award
Published: 09/10/2009

Pond restoration in Prkenný Důl was completed – the measures comprised sludge removal, reconstruction of some technical objects and fish ladder construction.

Kutřín, polder construction
Published: 06/04/2009

The company SINDLAR and the administrator of the Elbe river basin celebrated a contract regarding the project of polder construction near the town Kutřín. The company SINDLAR will elaborate the design and documentation of the project with the following parameters: retention volume 4.5 millions m3 ...

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