Water Resources Engineering Design,
Landscape Ecology and River Restoration
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Published: 10/10/2012

Final client: Al-Muthana Province (public sector client)

Origin of funding: Al-Muthana Province 80%, Republic of Iraq 20%

Locality: Samawa, Al-Muthana Province, Iraq

Name of consortium members: BOCP Development, Jiran Kohout Architekti s.r.o., Sociofond, Petr Hrdlička, Atelier DUK

Dates (start - end): 2008 – 2011

Type of services provided: Analyses of status quo and proposals of variants of development in the areas of water management and natural resources protection

Technical parameters: City of Samawa - 175 000 inhabitants in 2008

Description of project: The studies of strategy development of the city of Samawa (administrative centre of Al-Muthanna Province in the south of Iraq) comprised the following sectors: introduction of new types of industrial and agricultural production, introduction of clean sustainable policies in water and landscape management, enhancement and improvement of existing health care and educational facilities, waste management, water management, introduction of environmental friendly solutions, improvement of public facilities and areas etc.

Description of services provided: The company SINDLAR provided consultancy services in the following areas: water resources, water balance, drinking water supply for inhabitants, water potabilization, wastewater management, rainwater management, wastewater treatment plants, irrigation systems, water for industry and agriculture, flood protection, water resources, nature protection and landscape planning.