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SHANHAMUL: Provision of groundwater sources for Buddha Nagar Ward Toll community

Published: 10/10/2012

Final user:  Buddha Nagar Toll Ward community

Origin of funding: Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic

Locality: Buddha Nagar Tool Ward community, Shanhamul, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dates (start - end): 2011 – 2012

Description of project: The projects aim was to ensure sufficient supply of potable water (0,7 l/s) for the Buddha Nagar Ward Toll community living on the banks of the Bágmnatí river. In November 2011, within the official mission of the Ministry of Environment in Nepal, the community was visited, the current situation of water management was discussed and the resources of potable water were inspected. Suitable locations for groundwater sources of potable water in the central part of the community were identified.

Performed works: Creation of the project documentation, digging a new well farther from the river bed of the Bágmnatí river (prevention from further flooding), pumping test and two rounds of water quality monitoring.

A workshop was organized where participants (14 representatives of the community) were informed about the works that have been performed within the project and their results. The participants were instructed about the recommended strategy for further action to ensure long- term quality of potable water in their wells.

By constructing the source of potable water, storage containers and the subsequent workshop, the living conditions of the residents of the community were greatly improved and a sufficient supply of potable water was ensured even in times of drought.