Some typical assignments we have carried out:

  • Comprehensive flood control measures including naturally similar flood control measures, dams and weirs
  • Bridges, support walls, service roads
  • Weirs
  • Fish ladders of various types (fish passes, fish steps)
  • Water supply channels and races
  • Waterways and ports
  • Dry storage reservoirs and polders and restoration of the flooded area
  • Small water storage reservoirs – ponds
  • Multipurpose water reservoirs – artificial lakes
  • Single-purpose water reservoirs
  • Household waste disposal sites and protection of surface and ground water against contamination
  • Water management in land use planning
  • Comprehensive planning of water bodies in urbanised areas
  • Fitting watercourses into urban spaces – municipal parks, flood parks
  • Other projects can be worked out based on a client’s needs

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