The SINDLAR Group has a vertical organisational structure, covered by the main headquarters of the company, represented by SINDLAR Group s.r.o. based in the Czech Republic.

Business operations abroad are divided into geographical zones according to political, organisational, linguistic or other characteristics.

In each country where the Group develops business operations, branches are created as necessary, in a form required by the business strategy in that region and in compliance with local regulations for business entities. This includes there forms:

  • Subsidiaries
  • Individual company offices
  • Business representatives
  • Direct negotiations or project resolution (without any representation)

All business units of the Group are managed by SINDLAR Group s.r.o.

The management of the Group is documented by the structure shown on our web pages and is divided into the main umbrella office of the Group (SINDLAR Group s.r.o.) and by the structure of  operations in all regions. The status is dynamically developing and constantly changing.


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