Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the home country of both the parent company and the management of the holding. After joining the European Union, this country has become more important thanks to its easier connection with both original and new member states. Thanks to the new position it is possible to apply all our experiences in wider area and to offer our services in all member states. Due to the economic and social situation and the actual use of landscape, the division is focused on projects that can combine water management structures with landscape restoration and protection of natural values.

Vybrané akce v regionu:

In the years 1997 – 2009 restoration measures were realized in the town Chrudim, on the southern mill canal – approx. length 1000 m. The objective of the project was improvement of ecological and aesthetic function of the canal and its incorporation in the urban architecture of the town.


Since the year 2010 the SINDLAR group has extended its offer for the cities and towns – the new services comprise the elaboration of digital flood management plans, including the installation of early warning systems.



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