United States of America

U.S.A. is historically the first abroad partner in the foreign activity development of company and consequently the SINDLAR group. The practical approach to river restoration, geomorphology and floating debris analyses including explanation exchange with the implementation of such constructions has been developed in professional discussion durin glong-term business and friendly contacts and mutual study and consultation visits.

The contacts have been developed especially with the colleagues from Montana and California, and are still kept including the meetings during international professional conferences.

Study of rivers and their natural geomorphology specification in the U.S.A. was one of the important resources for the research and preparation of “Geomorphological processes of water courses development” book.


Vybrané akce v regionu:

In the years 1997 – 2009 restoration measures were realized in the town Chrudim, on the southern mill canal – approx. length 1000 m. The objective of the project was improvement of ecological and aesthetic function of the canal and its incorporation in the urban architecture of the town.



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